As a multinational family with businesses in US, France and the United Kingdom, our family has used the services of Centurion for tax structuring for nearly ten years. With our family living in different parts of the world and some having US ties, our affairs are complex; Centurion has not hesitated to understand new tax jurisdictions where we have found ourselves doing business or living and integrating these into our family tax planning. Often needing an innovative solution, they have worked with some specialist law firms to ensure that the proposed structuring is fully complaint.

JDM Singapore 2013

I have been a client of Centurion since 2000. During this time I have lived and worked in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Australia.  In all three jurisdictions, Centurion has assisted with my tax planning, implementing various tax structures (corporate and trust) for my real estate investments and subsequently managing them; they have also advised on my tax affairs for both income and capital gains taxes across the three jurisdictions having the necessary specialist knowledge required. By keeping up to date with an ever changing world they have recommended changes to the structure to coincide with both changes in my circumstances as well as legislations. Within their wealth management services, they have also provided good sound investment advice. For those looking for a bespoke solution for cross border wealth management encompasses tax and and investment advice I would not hesitate to recommend Centurion for advice and to manage your affairs.

DRS Melbourne 2013

As a senior executive of a major multinational firm for the past 13 years I have worked with Centurion both in South America and Europe (Sweden & United Kingdom). During this time I have relied on Centurion for our family’s tax planning. Adapting to the different circumstances of each country and combining their knowledge with local tax professionals they found solutions to pension and inheritance planning as well as facilitating certain investment requirements. Their understanding of various jurisdictions and the ability to grasp the overlaying of one with another certainly is a key advantage when working with them.

HC Stockholm 2013